Your Corporate Events and The Role of Video

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For as long as I can remember, companies have always made adequate provision to have their corporate events documented using video and photographs. Over the years the standard and quality of video service and photography has increased and most companies (big & small) no longer hesitate to pay good money for these services, which in no small way has led to the growth and professionalism of the Nigerian videography and photography industry.

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Outside of filming and documenting an event for storage in the company archives, there is a huge and colourful world of video just waiting to be tapped. There indeed is a place for Video before, during and after any and every corporate event. If you are going to spend so much time and resources putting together an event, then you certainly want to have it very well attended. In this day and age where many of us on the one hand have so much information from different sources bombarding us for attention and on the other hand we find ourselves carrying out most of our operations on our tablets and mobile devices, it only makes sense to market/promote/publicise our events in a manner that is sure to grab your audience’s attention; be possibly interesting enough  to have people willingly and easily share your message with their friends/contacts; be easy & straight-forward enough to understand and recall. Of the available media, video clearly meets the outlined criteria. Be it an amateur video horridly put together using an everyday camcorder to invite one’s buddies to a Friday evening get-together; or a professionally produced video with branded graphics, soundtracks, transitions, and more, inviting a paying audience to an industry conference, video sure gives you a high ROI.

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And how about after the event? You certainly want the world to know about it. Whether it’s a seminar, or product launch, you want a great event video to show your followers how much of a success the event was, availing them a close enough experience of the energy and excitement at your event. This also goes a long way in preparing your audience for the next event you are going to host. It makes for good content on your website, blog and social media pages.

Do you know of any event  where video was effectively used before and/or after the event to promote/publicise it?