Viral Marketing

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Viral Marketing is a term used to describe any advertising online that relies primarily on word of mouth to gain brand recognition. While highly unpredictable, Viral Marketing can create the kind of product or service explosion many companies need to grow. Marketing And Digital offers many Viral Marketing solutions that will not only create conversions, but will boost your Search Engine visibility and get people talking about your company.

Our Strategic Viral Marketing Process:

Step 1 – Strategy
Our team will deploy an overall strategy that targets the client’s target audience key demographics, user behavior, etc.

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Step 2 – Application Creation
Our designers and developers will create a micro site, widget, video, etc… that has a “stickiness, shock value, etc…” and will create the user interaction which will help spread the infection.

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Step 3 – Pre-Launch / Viral Seeding
We will begin the social engagement process by targeting the appropriate audience on each of the Social Networking communities as determined in the Viral strategy. We identify user groups to target, understanding their interests, locate relevant groups they’re on, find them and then connect with them. These identified users or “friends” or “fans” can be key allies in determining the overall success of the campaign.

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Step 4 – Launch of Viral Marketing Campaign
The Viral campaign is launched and all tracking features are in place. We will actively start the blogging, social engagement, pay per click (where applicable) process and the Virus is now airborne.

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Step 5 – Analysis
We will monitor several aspects of the Viral Campaign on a daily basis including traffic, referrers, downloads, user reviews, etc…to maximize the success of the campaign and make the proper adjustments when needed.
The following is a deeper look at our Strategic Viral Marketing Services:

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Viral Concept / Hook
Marketing And Digital has the ability to create the concept or “hook” needed to make your Viral Campaign airborne. Once the concept has been agreed on, our team of web/software developers can bring the concept to life by developing an application around it. Whether your looking to develop a video, widget, game, or any other type of web-based or software application, the MAD development team can give life to your Viral Marketing Campaign.

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Microsite Design and Application Development
Marketing And Digital has the creativity to think outside the standard online marketing box. Creating and marketing a unique microsite that is passed on via word of mouth could be the Viral Marketing solution you’re looking for. We can develop widget applications and completely integrated flash microsites that will enhance your brand and get the word out that your new microsite should be seen by all.

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Facebook Marketing
From creating a company profile page, to targeted advertising, to full blown Facebook Application development, MAD has the ability to get you exposure on the internet’s fastest growing social application.

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MySpace Marketing
Having a company MySpace page can be integral in gaining exposure and improving Viral Marketing results. We can professionally design your company’s MySpace page and grow a network of friends to carry your Viral message through one of the Internet’s top social communities.

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YouTube Marketing
From concept  creation to planning and actual video production, you need not look further than MAD. It is a widely appreciated fact that interesting video content on YouTube is a powerful Viral Marketing tool used to gain company or product exposure.

We also offer consulting and marketing of your company’s YouTube videos through Video Optimization for a greater presence on the major Search Engines.

Social Networking
Marketing And Digital offers social consulting to help your company grow beyond its current bounds using online social networks. We can help build successful and active social communities on several of the Internet’s top social networking communities relevant to your company’s target demographics.

Blogger Reviews
Marketing And Digital has access to a local network of active and popular web bloggers that can make your Viral Marketing campaign spread like a wildfire. Bloggers already have existing blogspots where they will post your promotion with reviews and get the word out in a trusted manner.

Press Releases
Now it’s time for us to give your Viral Marketing Campaign a jump start and really get the general public’s interest. We’ll write and distribute a major press release that will go out to the masses by distributing the press release to major media outlets – online and offline.

Viral Marketing Reporting
We shall implement sophisticated web analytics into your new micro site or website that are dedicated to tracking all of your Viral Marketing campaigns conversions. Our Viral Marketing reporting is first class and can track the success of your Viral Marketing campaign in several areas including comprehensive traffic statistics, application downloads and referrer lists.

Viral Marketing tends to be an unpredictable way to advertise, but with our strategic approach we will guide you through the entire process and create the conversions your Company is looking for in all your future Viral Marketing campaigns. Contact us today to find out how we can bring the world of Viral Marketing to your online strategy!