Video Newsletters & Case Studies

Video Newsletters

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Video Newsletters dramatically increase click-through and engagement with your content. As more and more companies use traditional e-newsletters, it has never been more important to find new ways of cutting through and standing out. Video Newsletter content might typically include: Video Case Studies, CSR messages, Video Testimonials and Staff News. This video will typically be mailed to internal and external persons on the company mailing list (database) and shared across the major social network platforms.

Video Case studies

In a nutshell, Video Case Studies tell compelling client success stories with massive credibility.

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A good Video Case Study production helps to substantiate your product or service and makes what you do tangible. If you thought that written case studies were persuasive marketing tools, Video Case Studies blow them out of the water. At MAD, we produce video case studies for a whole range of clients, from SMEs to the big brands.

An effective video case study should convey:

  • The need or challenge – the reason your services or product was needed
  • What you did and how you did it
  • The results – what was the outcome and what impact did you make? The more tangible the better!

How can you use video case studies?

  • As a series of video case studies on your website – via an interactive player
  • Screened at pitches or presentations
  • Integrated into an interactive PDF document/proposal
  • Sent out as part of an e-newsletter or email marketing campaign, which will significantly boost your click-through and engagement.