Training or Staff Induction videos

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You want your people to have the information they need to hit the ground running as soon as they join your organisation. It’s also important to give them an insight into your culture and values to help them feel integrated and at home. And of course you want to make new starters feel welcome. That’s why a tailor-made induction e-learning programme is a must-have for any organisation. Face to face inductions can be costly and time consuming and it can be difficult to ensure that all new starters are receiving a consistent message.

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Training or staff induction videos can save your company considerable time and resources. Whether on DVD or via the company intranet, they provide a rich and engaging learning experience.

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Elements you will typical find in our Training or Induction videos include live video (the CEO, Department Head, buzz around the Open Office or other facilities), motion graphics, some animated charts/graph, simulated processes, etc.

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We often recommend making the training/induction video interactive – this provides a modular approach. Interactivity allows individuals to engage with the content at their own pace, revisiting and reviewing content as they please and with ease.

What’s the impact?

  • Interactivity makes the viewer feel in control of the experience
  • Combination of sight, sound and motion helps retention of information and caters for a variety of learning styles
  • Consistency of learning, and uniformity of message/information across board
  • Reduces staff down-time and saves your company money.
  • Easy to roll out and measure