Testimonial & CEO Video Production

Testimonial & CEO Videos help customers to understand your message – fast!

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You and your colleagues are very good at explaining what your company does or has to offer. And there usually is no person better t hear from than the CEO of the company. So why not do it on video and help web visitors quickly grasp your scope & capability?

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You equally get good mileage when your audience hear from other people that have used or  benefitted from your product/service. A video based testimonial using real people provides superior credibility to your offering.

Why Choose MAD to Produce your videos?

  • Anyone with a camcorder can produce a talking head video. But the result will more often look like YouTube trash.
  • What you really need is an impressive corporate scope & capability story to tell your audience. This is what a professional marketing video production company can deliver for you.
  • At MAD, we ensure your video stands out from the crowd with these professional features:

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We provide a teleprompt so you look natural while reading your precise business message to the camera. Isn’t this far better than remembering, or looking dodgy as you try to glance at a crib sheet? This is why top celebs and politicians use a teleprompt? Because the results are convincing!

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Green Screen
Where necessary, we shoot you against a green screen, and later dub you over a corporately styled graphic background, complete with professional titles, just like CNN and other major international news channels. Say bye bye CEO and potted plant. Hello future!

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Script Assistance
We proof your script to make sure it reads well as spoken English, so you not only look great but sound great too. Get pro help with your script!

Pro Lighting
We light you using professional lights so the footage looks great, and you look great. No drab features or dark corners here!

Clip Microphone
We provide you with a pro-grade clip mic so your every word is heard clearly, and not the air conditioning system!

Director & Camera Operator
We supply a professional corporate video director who will coach you for maximum performance on camera. Whatever your best is, we shall help you get there!

Cosmetic Editing
We don’t just edit you into a series of suitable clips. We cosmeticise the footage so you look at your very best. Whether whitening your teeth, smoothening wrinkles, or just taking 10 years off, our post production team can do it!

Contact us today to discuss your testimonial or CEO video production needs