Digital Signage & Screen Networks

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MAD provides Digital Signage and Screen Network solutions for clients. We may be engaged to set up and/or manage an entire digital signage network, or to merely package/produce engaging and exciting content for digital screens.

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Digital Signage is often referred to as Digital Out Of Home or DOOH. This essentially is digital media used for marketing purposes outside of the home and is used to reach the consumer while on the go. It can also be referred to as transit-based digital media or digital outdoor. DOOH may take the form of electronic billboards, street furniture, transit and alternative formats of screens and may be found along the streets or within private and public buildings with relatively high people traffic – shopping malls, offices, airports, etc.

The required components to establishing a digital signage network can be divided among three types of digital signage solutions:



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You need screens to display your content. Fortunately, plasma, LCD and LED screens no longer cost as much as they used to a few years ago. Mounts are required to support the screens.

The digital signage player is either built into the screen or operates as a separate unit. PC, Android and Linux players are readily available.

Project Management:

Project management is the administration of a deployment project with multiple sites.

Installation is the labour portion of the digital signage process and accounts for setup of the screen, mount, player, cabling and quality control.

We use only qualified AV installers and experienced IT support resources depending on the complexity of the kit being put in place.



There are three prevailing models in the software realm –

  • On-premise: Software is paid for in full with the initial purchase of each hardware player. If you are managing more than a few screens, a server is needed as a central communication point for all locations.
  • Cloud-based: Instead of one, big upfront fee, cloud-based subscriptions are paid for on a monthly basis. No server is required as the software is centrally hosted on cloud infrastructure. In this case, internet access is required at the site.
  • Manual upload: Free is certainly a great price. Here you have no software, so no automated scheduling nor the convenience of managing your screens/content remotely, thus individual screens need to be manually and individually managed. Though typically not recommended, some clients with very small budgets and a small-scale network of less than five screen locations sometimes opt for this, and upgrade later.

Managed Services:

Managed services and training include consultation and configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting, and content management.


A digital signage player should have internet connectivity, whether wired or wireless (WiFi or cellular data in 3G/4G form).



  • A digital signage deployment is nothing without the right content.
  • We produce generic and customised content either on an ad hoc or subscription basis.
  • Elements that make up the content that appears on a digital signage are Still Images, Text, Motion Graphics and Live Action Video or any combination thereof.


  • An advertiser’s ultimate goal is to promote products and instigate purchases. Digital signage advertising fulfills this objective by running content on digital networks frequently found in settings where products and services are near and consumers are in active purchase mode.

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