Corporate Marketing Videos

Marketing videos have revolutionised the way companies engage with their customers, especially online.

There are two important steps when considering marketing videos:

a) Production of the content

b) The application of the video as a marketing tool

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To really take advantage of marketing videos you should have some clear objectives and a strategy for both. At Marketing And Digital (MAD), we create engaging video content for our clients and help them to apply it as a marketing tool.

From video website banners, video case-studies and viral marketing, there are many approaches and different benefits to be had.

What kind of things can marketing videos do for you?

  • Speed and engagement: Get across your key marketing messages quickly
  • Improve SEO for your site/content. Google recognises and values video content on web pages!
  • It’s measurable. Metrics will help you to tweak your content so its truly effective and delivers a return.
  • Link to your online video marketing asset in an e-marketing campaign. The promise of video content can deliver a much higher click through rate than static copy alone.