Audio Marketing Services

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It’s time you call MAD to provide you with audio marketing services. Audio marketing is the art of using sound to inform and/or promote to customers at their point of interest in your service. This can take the form of messages on your telephone service (sometimes called on-hold messages) or overhead, like an in-store radio.

Audio marketing

  • Builds brand awareness
  • Supports brand consistency
  • Reassures callers on-hold (in the case of on-hold messages)
  • Reduces caller abandonment rates (in the case of on-hold messages)
  • Draws attention to promotions and events

The MAD Advantage

  • Access to our in-house creative team to write your audio script
  • Choice of voices, accents, languages and music
  • Studio recordings using professional voice artists
  • Fast turnaround time allowing you keep messages current
  • Regular communication with our client service team

On-hold messaging/marketing

On-hold marketing uses time spent on-hold to promote products and services directly to your caller.

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It’s calculated to be seven times easier to sell to an existing customer, which puts on-hold messages right at the heart of your marketing mix. Calls getting transferred or placed on-hold is a fact of life, so why make it an entertaining and informative experience for your callers.

Benefits of On-Hold Marketing

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On-hold marketing is a dynamic and direct communication channel between you and your customers. Thousands of businesses, from SMEs to multinationals use on-hold messages to:

  • inform callers about new products or promotions
  • share information to up-sell products and services
  • share company news and events
  • support the brand through tone of voice
  • provide helpful information such as opening times or holiday closure
  • reduce caller hang-ups
  • ensure your customers feel valued

In-store Audio Service

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Our In-store Audio Service gives businesses the ability to tailor their in-store customer experience. This entirely bespoke service helps users schedule their music playlists for specific dates and times using the intuitive player. Your customers will be exposed to music as well as your customised promotional messages/adverts

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Here’s your opportunity to advertise to and educate your customers by playing in-store audio messaging. The MAD team will help you craft ‘radio-style’ ads that you can easily integrate with music at the touch of a button.

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