Truly Experiencing Your Brand

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The employee training manual at Apple Computers lays out the A-P-P-L-E “steps of service” with an acronym of the company name: “Approach customers with a personalized warm welcome,” “Probe politely to understand all the customer’s needs,” “Present a solution for the customer to take home today,” “Listen for and resolve any issues or concerns,” and “End with a fond farewell and an invitation to return.”

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No doubt, the customer experience at any Apple Store is usually worth remembering, Late Steve Jobs will always fuss over the slightest of details whenever it involved any Apple product or the retail experience associated with Apple products. Little wonder most Apple product users tend to see themselves not as customers but as followers. Yes, product quality has a role to play but the brand and retail experience sure does help to seal the deal.

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A company’s brand is really a composite of it’s customers’ experience of that brand. If you think of it, its the experience that a customer remembers and eventually shares with his/her friends and contacts, not the shape or colour of your logo. In the words of Martin Zwilling, “the real challenge in building your brand is building the level of engagement and delivery of your team”.

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There’s nothing wrong with spending big on having a fancy logo or on advert messages, but we need to remember to train ALL our employees on giving the customer an experience that’s in harmony with our brand promise.

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