Content Marketing

Attract qualified prospects with engaging material

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Many businesses make the mistake of assuming their most likely buyers want to receive a steady diet of advertisements and product promotions. They are now discovering that buyers across all industries are more interested in first learning about the most effective solutions for their problems. Buyers use the Internet to find those solutions and evaluate them before they even consider a purchase.

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Fresh, engaging content has never been as important for business websites as it is today. Google’s newest search algorithms reward frequently published, high-quality, relevant content and penalize black-hat tactics, such as keyword stuffing and link-building schemes. Authoritative content is also an excellent source of referral traffic from high profile websites and influencers that choose to share your content with their audiences. By providing valuable information, you’re rewarded with greater brand awareness and an army of brand advocates who share your content throughout the social channels.

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It can be a challenge for businesses to consistently produce fresh content at a pace that meets their goals for digital marketing and supports their demand generation, lead nurturing and marketing automation efforts.

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MAD is positioned to create interesting, relevant content for your target market with a flare for design and professionalism. Our team will work with you to brainstorm, create and promote content designed to attract new, qualified prospects. We do this by following a well defined content marketing process:

  • Identify target personas and buyer stages
  • Create a content map
  • Create and manage a content (editorial) calendar
  • Interview your subject area experts and/or customers
  • Write copy for and design ebooks, whitepapers, produce videos and/or blog posts
  • Submit content for review and approval
  • Create call-to-action and landing page designs
  • Promote your content via your website, email and social media