Animation for the Web

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Website animation, if used correctly, can give your website an innovative and exciting look and feel and draw attention to your USPs or the content that counts.

Being creative with the animation of your website content can help conversion rates and helps engage users with your messages.

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Whether it is to emphasise certain points and themes or to demonstrate how products or services work, website animation in your design can be used to simply bring static elements to life.

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Where it may prove difficult for users to understand through text or demonstrate how a process works, MAD will deliver an animated alternative that may be more suited and help users understand the content.

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Website animation and interactivity can also include displaying video on a website. An added advantage to creating video content for your website is its’ flexibility to be implemented in other areas also – it doesn’t just have to remain an online feature, but can be used elsewhere as a promotional tool whether via a laptop, smart phone or large screen. There is also potential to go viral, for which the digital marketing team can employ social media sharing widgets or create formats that can be emailed out to subscribers.

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Offering content that really engages the audiences may encourage viewers to share, further extending its overall reach. Whilst there are benefits for the inclusion of video, our team will also identify where smaller features of animation can be used to capture attention in the form of calls to action, altogether encouraging a conversion.

We have used bespoke website animation on many websites ranging from animated headers, product introductions and bespoke presentations.

Do you prefer your website animation in HTML5 or Flash? MAD will deliver you a cutting-edge way to display your content.

The use of animation on your website is limitless and include some of the following:

  • Animated website banners
  • Product demonstrations
  • Process flow
  • Animation of pictures
  • Interactive maps
  • Streaming of video
  • Viral games
  • App development